Simple Pleasures

Here's hoping you're having as delightful a weekend as we are. And by "we", of course, we're referring to a young Joan Collins. As always.

Fabulous actions inside the cab of fake taxi xxx. Do you like it? Finally a solution to all your abuse needs. We have launched punishted teen tube.

Don't you love to see this publicagent doing his thing with all these sexy girls from European cities?

Pleasure is all they need, but it's not so easy to give it to them because these teens love only huge dicks!

This is the good stuff and this shouldn't shock you - teen girls in love with anal. We are making them love it.

(And by "simple pleasures", of course, we mean those lamps!)

Assume the Position


Marabout Flash

[via Deadlicious!]

Wait Until the Drugs Kick In!

You'll thank us later. Or damn us to hell.

It's a Condition

Pristine Condition.

Going Green

The Wilhelmina Way.

Houseboy #186

John Sex

Ask for him by name.

Spatula? What Spatula?

"I dunno what you're talking about."

[foto: steven meisel]

Totally Wired

Can't you see?

(Somewhere out there, someone will appreciate the pointless post-punk reference!)


Who Is She?

Tell us, darlings.

Thing 1 & Thing 2


Fabulon Moments

...with that Naomi Campbell.

[fotos: steven meisel]


Darlings, it has been too fucking hot to blog. We can barely dance around our living room!
But we'll be back with more fabulosity very soon. Promise!


Have a Fabulous Day!

In your own special way.

Once Upon a Time

Can it be that it was all so simple then?

The Art of Mascara




Factory Girl

Post-industrial fabulosity.

Got Hat?

Oral Pleasure

Crazy Pinwheel Bitch

We calls 'em like we sees 'em.

Which One Are YOU?

Of course, it's quite possible to be both. It all depends on the eyebrows.

Shirley MacLaine

Crazy pinwheel bitch.

On Call

For a houseboy, life at the Stud Stable involves a lot of down time. Fortunately, that time is completely devoid of thoughts or ideas of any kind.

[fotos: stewart shining]


Just sayin'.


Andy Warhol might have appreciated this.
Marilyn Monroe, not so much.

You're Looking Swell, Dali

Eye can tell, Dali!

Mrs. Miller

Unfamiliar with this singular sensation? Catch her in action here!

The Heights

New levels of fabulosity are reached when your hair and hat become one.

Dorian Gray: Then & Now

From 1945...

And coming soon, to a theater near you...

(Thanks, ElCynic!)

Be the Flame

Not the moth.


[fotos: carter smith]

The Lady in Red... basking in the glow of her fabulous coffee table.

It's True!

Hoop skirts and accordion sleeves are never out of style!


[fotos: edward steichen]

Coy Boy

Kissy Face

Male starlet Josh Hartnett was our latest Mystery Boy. The only people who realized that fact were Jen, the Alien Spouse and a certain Gallus, so to them go the Fabulosity Points. Thanks to all who played our pointless little game. More to come!

Diane Brill

Always faboo.

The Three Faces of Twiggy

Remember Her Name

(Thanks, Larry!)

For You, Darlings!

Make sure and watch to the very end. Enjoy!

Casual Friday

Have a good one!

Shoes You Can Use

One for each foot.

Anita O'Day

The Jezebel of Jazz

[foto: austin young]



So fine.

What Are YOU Looking At?

Now that we have your attention...

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Thanks for your time and support. Love ya!

Marlene Dietrich

Various Veruschka



Something fabulous, via Whorange, of course!


It's David Arquette!

[foto: austin young]

Loose Lips

Golden Years

[fotos: solve sundsbo]


Who is it?

Which One Are YOU?

A Logical Progression


(dedicated to donna lethal!)


It's chic and Parisian!

Julianne Moore

Preparing for her latest role: Mary, Queen of Squats.

Shake It!

But don't break it!

Ruffles Have Ridges

[fotos: steven meisel]

Houseboy Heaven

Been There

All on the same day.

[fotos: sebastian faena]

Fags of Our Fathers: Laurence Olivier

He liked oysters and snails.*

Gay Frocks!

Thank goodness they're washable!

Greta Gustafsson


Lost in Translation



Lost and Stranded

Mysterion Revealed

The dreaded Zellweger, seen on the right in these photos, was our most recent Mysterion. Nobody guessed correctly, and for that we commend you. Fabulosity Points for all!